10 Bucket List Starbucks Locations

Starbucks cafés are everywhere – on busy city streets, in local neighborhoods, even inside grocery stores and airports. But some Starbucks locations around the world offer a truly unique coffee experience that goes far beyond your regular cup of Pike Place roast. These special Starbucks cafés blend coffee, culture, and sightseeing into one-of-a-kind destinations for coffee lovers.

If you’re a Starbucks fan, add these 10 amazing Starbucks locations to your travel bucket list. From lush coffee farms to futuristic coffee palaces, these cafés offer a memorable Starbucks experience you won’t find anywhere else.

All photos courtesy of Starbucks

1. Hacienda Alsacia – San Luis, Costa Rica

Nestled among the lush green mountains of Costa Rica, Hacienda Alsacia is a gorgeous coffee estate owned by Starbucks. This unique Starbucks location takes you right to the source – a working coffee farm producing beans exclusively for Starbucks.

Tour the farm’s 8 acres of coffee plants and see first-hand how coffee goes from bean to cup. After learning about coffee production, head to the tasting room to sample different coffee varietals straight from the farm. The tasting flight lets you compare different flavors as an expert barista explains the nuances of each coffee.

Before you leave, grab a coffee drink or bag of beans at the on-site Starbucks café set amidst Hacienda Alsacia’s beautiful grounds. Sipping handcrafted coffee overlooking the mountains at Hacienda Alsacia is an incredible Starbucks experience.

2. Grand Turks Cruise Terminal – Turks & Caicos

The Starbucks at the Grand Turks Cruise Terminal offers a picturesque island backdrop for your coffee break. Grand Turks is a popular Caribbean cruise stop, and this Starbucks café gives cruise passengers a familiar taste of home right at the port.

After docking, head straight to Starbucks to fuel up for a day of relaxing on Grand Turks’ stunning white sand beaches. Sip your coffee while looking out over the crystal clear turquoise waters as you listen to the palm trees swaying in the breeze. It’s the perfect place to unwind with your favorite Starbucks beverage before exploring the island.

Don’t miss trying the regional drink, the Turks & Caicos mojito iced coffee. The refreshing blend of cold brew, lime, mint, and rum extract captures the island vibes. Before your cruise ship sets sail, pick up a bag of Turks & Caicos Starbucks reserve coffee or a Starbucks mug as a souvenir of your Grand Turks visit.

3. Starbucks Reserve® Roastery – Milan, Italy

Italy might be famous for its coffee culture, but Starbucks put its own twist on Italian coffee with its lavish Reserve Roastery in Milan. Opened in 2018, it was Starbucks’ first Roastery in Europe – and it’s nothing short of spectacular.

Spread out over multiple floors, each intricately decorated in sleek Italian style, the cavernous Roastery offers an upscale Starbucks experience. Watch the on-site coffee roasters at work, then have an expert Starbucks barista craft you a pour over, cold brew, espresso martini or other specialty drink.

Don’t miss experiencing Milano Craft on Draft, where cocktails are infused with Starbucks coffee and nitrogen for a rich, smooth taste. Enjoy your drink alongside Italian-inspired food like brioche and pizzetta. With its super-premium coffees, five coffee bars, and stunning architecture, the Milan Roastery transports you to coffee nirvana.

4. Starbucks Reserve® Bluewaters Island – Dubai, UAE

The glittering metropolis of Dubai is home to the world’s largest Starbucks, an ultra-modern Starbucks Reserve location. The sprawling two-story café is located on the manmade Bluewaters Island, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking impressive skyline views of Dubai.

With its marble surfaces, ornate Arabic patterns, and ample gold accents, the luxurious space mimics Dubai’s opulent style. Choose from a menu of exclusive small-lot Starbucks coffees brewed by the café’s Coffee Masters. Sip your coffee as you relax in the lounge filled with plush armchairs or find a seat at the long community table.

Don’t leave without checking out the on-site coffee library where you can learn more about Starbucks coffees from around the world. Thanks to its prime waterfront location and palatial decor, this Starbucks location lets you experience coffee like royalty.

5. Starbucks Reserve® Roastery – Seattle, Washington

As Starbucks’ first flagship Roastery location, the Seattle Roastery is a must-visit for diehard Starbucks fans. Opened in 2014 in Seattle’s trendy Capitol Hill neighborhood, the industrial chic space spans five floors and serves as an immersive Starbucks coffee experience.

Watch beans travel from the small batch roaster to the various brewing stations, where expert baristas can prepare your coffee using different methods like pour over, French press, and siphon. The menu features rare small-lot coffees, coffee cocktails, Italian affogatos, and other unique drinks you won’t find anywhere else.

Make time to explore all five floors, each with its own character, like the coffee library on the mezzanine or the coffee scooping station. Don’t forget to take home Starbucks Roastery exclusives only available at this location, like merchandise and specialty roasted coffees.

6. La Lucila – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Starbucks brought its premium Reserve concept to vibrant Buenos Aires with the upscale La Lucila café located downtown. But this Starbucks location retains the charm of Buenos Aires coffee culture.

The stylish corner café has an inviting patio flanked by tall windows overlooking bustling city streets where you can sit, sip, and people watch. Pop in for your morning coffee just like porteños (as BA locals are called) do at their neighborhood cafés.

Order Starbucks’ special Argentine mélange coffee or try a cortado, the local espresso and steamed milk drink, for an authentic taste of Buenos Aires. With its great coffee and prime café culture watching, La Lucila lets you experience a taste of BA’s iconic café life.

7. Santos Dumont – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio’s Santos Dumont Airport has a Starbucks café with unmatched views of the city’s famous beaches. Located pre-security so anyone can access it, the sunny café has a large outdoor terrace facing the waterfront.

Grab an outdoor table and soak up the spectacular panoramic vistas of world-famous Copacabana Beach while enjoying your caffeine fix. Watch planes taking off over the water as locals play volleyball on the beach below you. The crashing waves, sandy shores, and sweeping city views make this urban airport Starbucks location a destination in itself.

Order Brazil’s Cafezinho, a strong, sweet coffee, or try a local snack like coxinha fried dough. This Starbucks location lets you feel like you’re relaxing seaside without even leaving the airport!

8. Muizenberg Beach – Muizenberg, South Africa

Starbucks brought its first beachside café to the laidback surf town of Muizenberg, just outside Cape Town. The bright, sun-filled café has huge windows overlooking the golden sands of False Bay and views of people strolling, swimming, and surfing.

Grab a shaded patio seat to enjoy the ocean breezes as you sip your latte or iced coffee drink. Treat yourself to a slice of choc bottom millionaire’s shortbread – a South African twist on the classic. Don’t forget a cold drink carrier so you can take your Starbucks to go and sip by the sea.

With its beachfront location, this unique Starbucks is perfect for a coffee break while soaking up the chill seaside vibes of Muizenberg.

9. Wadakura Fountain Park – Tokyo, Japan

In the bustling city of Tokyo, this Starbucks location provides a peaceful outdoor oasis in Wadakura Fountain Park. Located close to the Imperial Palace, the café has a large patio set amidst the park’s tranquil Japanese gardens and gurgling fountains.

Savor the serenity over tea, coffee, and small bites, like savory skewers or matcha doughnuts. Try Starbucks Japan exclusives like matcha lattes and sakura cherry blossom drinks or bring home local merch, like Tokyo tumblers. With its idyllic setting, al fresco seating, and Japanese-inspired menu, this Starbucks location lets you escape the city and unwind in nature.

10. Boxwood Coffee Roastery – Shanghai, China

No Starbucks bucket list would be complete without visiting the stunning two-story Boxwood Coffee Roastery in Shanghai. Announced in 2022, this futuristic Starbucks Roastery pays tribute to the handcrafted art of coffee.

Interact with augmented reality art that brings the journey of coffee to life on the walls. Watch beans get roasted on-site then sample Reserve coffees sourced from around the world, prepared by Coffee Masters using a variety of brewing methods.

Pair your coffee with Princi baked goods and Reserve coffee-infused cocktails at the on-site Princi bakery and Arriviamo bar. With its innovation and ultramodern style, this high-tech Roastery makes getting your Starbucks fix an unforgettable experience.

From coffee farm to beachside café, these amazing Starbucks locations around the world give you a uniquely memorable coffee experience. Next time you’re looking for a special Starbucks memory, add one of these spectacular cafés to your travel itinerary. Sipping handcrafted Starbucks coffee becomes even more special when paired with breathtaking settings.

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